The above link takes you to an automatic electronic withdrawal program where you can have your weekly or monthly contribution deducted automatically from your account and deposited into the church account.

It would entail setting up your automatic information on our church website for “MyEoffering”. It is a convenient and confidential way to make your weekly or monthly contributions online, either by withdrawal from a checking account or initializing a charge account transaction.  No need to write checks or miss a timely contribution when on vacation, etc.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to call me (440) 871-3348 or e-mail me at

There is a 2nd option to make automatic contributions to the church, which is to use your own bank’s bill pay service.

You can set up an automatic withdrawal weekly or monthly from your checking account and the bank would send a check to the church. It would then be credited to your giving statement. Again, no need to write checks or miss a timely contribution.

Your Financial Secretary,
Carol Herrington