Our Name

About the name Bethesda:

gardenIn the Bible, Bethesda was a pool near Jerusalem where Jesus healed a man who had been lame for over thirty-eight years (John 5).

John 5 tells that even before Jesus healed the lame man, this pool was a place that people came to be healed and made whole.

In Hebrew the word Bethesda literally means “House of Mercy”. The lame man met mercy that day in the person of Jesus Christ and his life was forever changed.

You can think of Bethesda as either “healing waters” or as a “house of mercy”. Either way, as a church our goal is to model the very meaning of the Hebrew word “bethesda” by being a house filled with God’s mercy and love.

We desire to be a place where the hurting and the healed can meet together to celebrate the power of our risen Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to come to Bethesda on the Bay …a place of healing and hope.