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On Palm Sunday, the youth put together 57 Easter Baskets full to the brim with amazing gifts of Easter candy and Spring themed toys! The youth also made palm crosses and wrote Easter blessing notes for each basket!
These gifts went to families coming to the Christ Lutheran Food Pantry in Lorain this week!

Thank you to everyone who donated to this year’s Lenten giving project and to the youth for their faithful service!

In addition to the baskets, the youth gathered generous donations of over $500 which will go directly to the Lorain Cooperative Ministry! (Matching funds from Bethesda’s Agape Fund will mean over $1,000 will be sent to this life changing cooperative ministry program!) AMEN!

The Youth Group encourages 7-12th graders to attend our place of worship, to learn and become involved in a spiritual life.  We organize events and activities, including religious education.  We participate in outreach programs and fundraisers.  The children and youth at Bethesda on the Bay are a very special and vital part of our congregation.

Our youth participate in community service projects, lock-ins, national and regional youth gatherings, Bible studies and discussions, sporting events, and retreats. They minister to the community by preparing and serving Thanksgiving dinner at an urban church, adopting needy families for the holidays, preparing Christmas “shoeboxes” filled with family-oriented useful items. They share the faith within the Bethesda family by doing yard work and chores, and serving in the worship services. Adult volunteers from the congregation and staff provide leadership for our youth ministries.

Children Sermons weekly with Pastor Freeman-Riley. Special puppet visit during children’s sermon at various times throughout the year.

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cross2012The 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering – Rise Up Together – Detroit

Last summer (2015) Bethesda youth again attended the ELCA youth gathering in Detroit. For 2015 the theme was Rise Up Together.

The theme, Rise Up Together, was drawn from the the gospel of Mark.

G15_Logo_CLRsmOver 30,000 youth and chaperones attended this gathering, going out to over 600 different volunteer sites on the Proclaim Justice Day. Ford Field, hosted a mass gathering each evening the 15th to the 18th, and a final morning service on July 19.

Each of the three full days of the gathering (July 15–19) was designated for a different “practice” of faith. On Proclaim Community day, youth were encouraged to visit exhibitions, participate in sports and other activities, donate hair, blood, and money to build wells at the Cobo Center. Proclaim Justice day saw the youth coming together to complete volunteer service projects. Finally, Proclaim Story was a day of worship and bible study in which each church’s group met with other groups from the same synod.

This was the first time Detroit had hosted a gathering.

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2015 ELCA Youth Gathering-Rise Up Together, Detroit, July 15-19, 2015

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